Recycling Concepts

In every manufacturing company different types of waste is being created. Only an individual recycling solution will fulfill the requirement for cost efficiency. For this reason, we offer an integrated concept which incorporates your production facilities globally – from acquisition and export of your waste all the way to the delivery of recycled commodities.
Initially Rocklink undertakes a qualitative and quantitative potential analysis of your company:

Evaluation of exogenous factors:

  • Sector and size of company
  • Producing countries
  • Type of waste and waste amount
  • Commodities, semi-finished products
  • Financing

Decision of endogenous factors:

  • Collection and warehousing of waste
  • National or cross-border waste shipment
  • Integration in to Rocklink Circular

In consideration of objectives:

  • Realization of scale effects and economies of scale
  • Higher prices for your waste
  • Risk minimization in procurement
  • Efficiency improvement in administration

In a final report the status quo is presented and suggestions for the implementation of a more efficient waste management are outlined.


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