Research & Development

Innovation requires continuous development. Rocklink's research and development activities focus on the collection, dismantling and treatment of waste as well as secondary raw materials and complement our group's research activities in the field of mechanical and hydrometallurgical separation.



Research Focus

Through innovative approaches, we develop and optimize downstream processes such as sorting and separation. Our focus is on complex waste streams containing rare earths, nickel and cobalt.

We keep records of rare earth material flows in a database which enables us to evaluate new scrap sources on a basis of more than 3,000 data points, and to decide on the optimal treatment and recovery route without extensive testing.


Project Collaboration

Rocklink is involved in research projects in the field of permanent magnets and lithium ion battery recycling and holds positions as an active member of industry associations and alliances:

  • Research project ReProMag: Participation in the final symposium
  • Research project MaXycle: Associated Partner
  • Member of the European Raw Material Alliance (ERMA)
  • Founding and board member of the Global Rare Earth Association (REIA)
  • Member of the RDR Wind Association
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