About us

Rocklink, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, engages in trading of compounds and metals as well as recycling of rare earths, nickel, cobalt, lithium and tungsten. With over 20,000 tons per year, our related operations are one of the market leaders in the collection, processing and trading of rare earth magnet and lithium ion battery raw materials.

Our activities are divided into the divisions Fine Metals & Chemicals and Rare Metals Recycling: 

Fine Metals & Chemicals divison engages in the distribution of rare earths, nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium compounds and metals. The products are manufactured exclusively by our affiliated companies as well as by selected manufacturers, who we represent as an exclusive agent.

In our experienced team we bundle the expertise to develop a sustainable, transparent and cost-efficient solution based on your requirements. You benefit from direct communication through our staff at the supplier's facilities, which is reflected in a fast response time and transactions execution.

Fine Metals & Chemicals

Rare Metals Recycling division focuses on the recycling of rare earths, nickel and cobalt containing waste and secondary raw materials as well as the trading of lithium-ion batteries for second-use applications. With a wide range of dismantling and treatment solutions for these material streams, we create access to untapped raw material sources and can allocate them to the optimal recycling route.

Through innovative approaches in the procurement, collection and treatment of magnet scrap, beyond conventional solutions, we pioneer the way to a sustainable circular economy.

Rare Metals Recycling






Our success is based on strong partnerships with market leaders along the value chain.

During the selection process, our main obbjective is to ensure product quality, transparency, auditability of processes and security of supply.

In the fields of metals and rare earth compounds distribution as well as the recycling of rare earths waste, we act as the EU trade representative for our partners.




Rocklink is actively engaged in industry associations and alliances:

  • Member of the European Raw Material Alliance (ERMA)
  • Founding and board member of the Global Rare Earth Association (REIA)
  • Member of the RDR Wind association


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