Comprehensive solutions for raw materials management.


We are pleased to provide samples of our standard qualities at short notice. The delivery of smaller batches for test purposes is possible as well. The development of customized chemical compounds and their sampling is carried out in close consultation with you and the manufacturers.



Advanced analysis capabilities according to ISO and GBT standards enable an extensive evaluation of the manufactured samples. We cooperate with both, external and our internal testing laboratories and can cover a broad analysis spectrum.





The packaging of our products is done individually according to the customer's requirements. You can choose between big bags, sacks, cartons, IBCs, plastic and steel drums of various sizes. The focus is on ensuring product quality and UN conformity.



Through our consignment warehouse in Germany, we can supply your production facilities throughout Europe quickly and reliably. This prevents geopolitical and logistical risks and minimizes your financing and storage needs.


Transactions can be settled in Euros, US Dollars or Renminbi. Our flexible payment and financing solutions secure your liquidity and minimize capital bonding in raw material purchasing. We will be pleased to advise you on structuring financial instruments such as futures, swaps and warrants for currencies and commodities.

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